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Year 5

During Science Week, we had to design insulating jackets to stop the frozen Lesser-Striped Ditton Elf from thawing and stealing our Christmas.
What do you think? Who is right? What will happen to the snowman if he wears a coat?
08/11/19 We had a lovely walk to Leyborne Lakes this morning. We would like to offer a big thank-you to the mums who volunteered to walk with us.
Whilst preparing for aour writing this week, we listened to sounds to build atmosphere. We thought about the effect the noises had on us.
Mr Knell played the part of the Warden. He wasn’t at all nice – it helped us imagine what it would have been like for Stanley in our book, Holes.
We had to dig holes in the ground with just sticks or our bare hands… it was back-breaking work but inspired our writing!
During our PSHE time, we have been discussing about how it’s OK to have different feelings about things than our friends and still get along. This gave us a chance to use some of our amazing high-level vocabulary!
We have been learning about food packaging and how it is designed. We have been designing our own sweet boxes, which will be on sale at the Christmas Fair.

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