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Year 3

3JC are building their very own bridges out of recycling.
3LN are busy building bridges!

Year three had an amazing time at the museum. We all loved the dressing up area!

We have arrived safely at the museum!

Year three had the best time watching ‘The Croods’ in their pyjamas as part of their reward afternoon!

English:  We have been looking at diary entries and have began to write a diary in the style of Cave Baby. We have been looking at including time adverbials ( next, after, then) to show we are writing in chronological order.  We also have been learning a range of synonyms to improve our writing and vocabulary.

Maths:  We have been looking at methods to help us x2, x4, and x8. We noticed that by doubling the number, it gave us the answers. We have to double the number twice to x4 and three times to x8. We were looking at representing these as bar models.

R.E:  I n R.E. we were looking at the holy trinity. We identified that it was made of three parts – God the father, God the son and God the holy spirit. We looked at representing this as different pictures such as an egg, (the yolk, the white and the shell) and a tree ( the trunk, the branches and the leaves).

Creative: We have been identifying what people in the Stone Age needed to survive through the different seasons. We discussed the importance of fire as a heat source and to cook the food. We also made poppy wreaths and discussed the symbolism these had during remembrance day.

P.E: We have been learning the dances for our Christmas production.

PSHE: We have been looking at the difference between someone being unkind to us and someone bullying us. We looked at a range of scenarios and tried to identify whether the children were being bullied or not. We then gave suggestions on how to solve the problems that the children were facing.

Here are some pictures of what we have been doing since September. We had our outdoor learning afternoon where we hunted and caught wild animals and went foraging for nuts and berries. Unfortunately, some of them were poisonous so lots of the children had to practice their dramatic dying!

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