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Every year, Year 6 go on a week’s residential.


Here is some of the information and photographs.

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Acorn Adventure PPT

Tuesday – Today, we have been on a kata-kanau and rowed to another island where we have learnt how to build fires and shelters. We have also taken part in some archery and catapulting. Everyone is having the best time!

Wednesday – today, we all were trusted to be in our own canoe boats! We practised how to turn, move forwards and backwards before playing some games. Most of us ended up in the lake again! Then we went climbing up a really tall wall! Some of us had a go at fencing and orienteering too! We finished off our busy day with a disco before bed time.

Thursday – today we all split into teams and built a raft that we had to test in the lake. We learnt how to tie knots and worked as a team to tie six barrels and two logs together. Most of us ended in the lake, even Miss Nazer! Next, we had our fencing and orienteering activity and rock climbing activity. We all went for dinner and sang happy birthday to Alyssa. After dinner, we all went and sat around the campfire and had to tell a joke to win a marshmallow to roast on the fire.

Friday – Home time! We ate our final breakfast together and thanked the cooks before heading out for a group photo. Everybody did a great job at packing their suitcases and we did a final morning workout before getting on the coach.

The children were absolutely amazing and did the school proud. Each and every child was polite, respectful and helpful, and the staff were extremely complimentary about the children. All children had a go at every activity and kept all of the teachers laughing and smiling. Even at bed time children were fantastic. We couldn’t have asked for a better group of children to go with. We are all extremely proud of what the children achieved and we’ve all walked away with great memories that I’m sure will stay with us for a lifetime. Well done year six!

From Miss Nazer, Miss Harrington, Mrs Wood, Miss Munns, Mr Hawkins and Mr Maggio.

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