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Below is the Parentmail we send out every Thursday so that parents have advanced notice of what is coming up.

These are difficult times, but I would like to thank everyone who has ensured our school community has continued and we have been able to deliver routine and high quality education. It is so important to us.

I know it has been hard – working from home and home educating and so to all the newly made teachers – congratulations. If you need anything don’t hesitate to email us and we will do everything to accommodate and support.

School office – From Wednesday we asked our office staff to work from home. Everything is running as ‘normal’ but we have also set up a diversion on our school phones so that if we have no children and don’t need to be in on a certain day then I can still answer any questions over the phone. Thank you everyone who has communicated by email as this will be the best way going forward.

Easter – Holiday dates are 2nd to 15th April inclusive. We will be putting out a weekly project and a whole school project on Kidblog.org which the teachers will check in on at the end of each week. On top of this, we have put together an Easter activity booklet which you can print off or copies will be available outside the school Monday – Wednesday next week for you to collect. This will allow teachers and children to have a proper break whilst still having things to do.

Key Workers/Easter Holiday period – As more work places have closed the number of children requiring a place at school has reduced this week. Could you please let me know by Monday 30th March whether or not your child still requires a space during the Easter Holiday period (2nd-15th April). This enables me to prepare my rota ensuring that staff can also get a break. Any child attending will need to bring in a packed lunch as the school kitchen will be closed.

Inclusion Blog – In addition to class blogs, from Monday 30 March Mrs Campbell’s Inclusion blog will also go live with differentiated reading and maths activities for SEN children who normally have individualised or targeted provision in class. If this is relevant for your child you will be given a new join code so you can access it and advised whether your child should attempt challenge A or challenge B. Of course, if he or she feels able to attempt the work set on your class blog for English or Maths, they can and should do so!

Things coming up…

Class photos – on the 28th April we were due to have class photos. On this day we will ask each child to take a portrait selfie in their best outfit and blog it or email it so that our photographer can put together a home-learning collage as a reminder for the children of these extraordinary times. There will be a small cost to the photos so that our photographer stays in business.

RSE (relationship education) – we are aware of this coming in Term 6 and if we are still home-learning we just wanted to judge opinion on how we deliver this to all year groups. I am thinking that our teachers video them teaching the RSE curriculum to put on Kidblog.org. I do not have the facility to send you this video beforehand, but I can send the presentation slides if you feel that would be useful. Any suggestions are welcome – we have time to plan. I just want to ensure that children aren’t missing out on important education.

Please stay safe and well

Ditton Church of England Primary School
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