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Below is the Parentmail we send out every Thursday so that parents have advanced notice of what is coming up.

A message from the Interim Headteacher and Interim Deputy Headteacher

Just a quick update from myself and Miss Johnson after three weeks as Interim Headteacher and Interim Deputy Headteacher. We have tried to immerse ourselves in a year group a week and have just year 3 left to spend time with – very excited about that for next week!

We have been extremely encouraged by what we have seen so far. The staff are dedicated, caring and hardworking and we have been pleased to see that the work being set has been pitched at the right level of challenge for the children. Expectations of the classes are uniformly high in all lessons and we have been really delighted to see your children’s readiness to learn and listen. Their attitudes to learning have already started to match with how each year group should be at this time of year. It does you and the children great credit after such a disrupted year.

You will have received a parent survey from us and we have also been talking with parents. Once all surveys are in we will address all the positives and concerns we find and give you a clear outline of how we plan to continue the school’s improvement. We will also send out an updated Behaviours for Learning Policy shortly just to set out our expectations. The children have been without a school expectation for parts of this year and we need to reinforce how we all rub along and deal with upsets but, as stated, they are already getting back into the swing admirably.

We are working with the teachers to ensure we all think very deeply this year about how we can be the best teachers we can be and to make tweaks to our work but they have already shown us their commitment and a spirit and passion to continue our improvement. It has been a real pleasure to get to know them and your exciting young people!

A couple of small changes we need to inform you about that you can help us with. We are a bit old-fashioned when it comes to uniform so we are telling the children that we don’t accept jumpers tied around waists when they are in lessons or corridors, or after school until they leave the site. Secondly, we have informed the teachers that all mobile phones should be collected and safely stored during the day by the class teacher to be returned at home time. I’m sure you will understand this change and can feel confident that your child’s device will be safe if in school.

Thank you for your support.

Children in Need – it was lovely to see the children dress up for Children in Need last week. We are pleased to say we raised £196.60.

Christmas Dinner – a reminder that we would appreciate order forms returned to indicate if your child is having a dinner or not. Hard copies are available from the office staff in the playground at the end of the day or from reception.

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