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We are a Church of England Junior School located in the heart of a historical location set on a vast landscape of fields. The majority of our intake is from the community infant school with which we have strong links. Although we have over 200 children and our site is large, we keep a small, family, community feel.

Our team of dedicated professionals go above and beyond every day to ensure children have the best education and our lunchtime staff ensure there is a huge variety of activities for children to choose from on our playground and field. Furthermore to allow our children additional enrichment we offer a range of after-school clubs based on the voice of the pupils. Every week we celebrate children’s achievements in and outside of school and encourage children to widen their learning to flourish.

Our neighbouring church is involved in regular collective worships and leads services for all the major Christian holidays.

Ditton CE Junior School, enriching generations to serve and flourish through our values of responsibility, respect, courage and empathy.

At Ditton CE Junior School we strive to role-model life long learning and our staff are continuously developing themselves as learners to provide the best for our children.

We have a dedicated, caring staff that are always happy to listen and support. We want to enrich the lives of the community and ensure everyone has the ability to flourish.


Senior Leadership Team

Miss Alexandra Coulbault


Mr Richard Sutton-Smith

Interim Headteacher

Mr Callum Knell

Deputy Headteacher

Miss Debbie Johnson

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Kelli Moon

Assistant Headteacher

Mrs Ruth Campbell

Inclusion Manager/ SENco

Mrs Angela Stevens

Office Manager


Mrs Jennifer Couchman

Year 3 teacher

Miss Kirstie Semark

Year 3 teacher

Mrs Shakila Master

Year 4 teacher

Miss Lauren Nazer

Year 5 teacher

Mr Ben Hawkins

Year 5 teacher

Mrs Naomi Nicholls

Year 5 teacher

Miss Amy Baker

Year 6 teacher

Mr Mark Green

Year 6 teacher

Mrs Kelly Stapleton

Cover teacher

Mrs Ruth Smith

Cover teacher

Teaching Assistants

Mrs M Payne

Higher level teaching assistant

Mrs W Caley

Teaching assistant

Mrs G Wood

Teaching Assistant

Mrs M Hindry

Teaching Assistant

Mr M Coleman

Teaching Assistant

Mrs M McDermott

Teaching Assistant

Mrs M Gray

Learning Mentor

Ditton Junior School

Ms J Beadle

Teaching Assistant

Ditton Junior School

Ms M Ford

Teaching Assistant

Other staff members

Mrs J Bryant

Admin Assistant

Mrs T Martin

Attendance Officer

Mrs T Wigman

Midday meal supervisor

Mrs K Bartholomew

Midday meal supervisor

Mrs D Bartholomew


Mr D Byers

Premises Manager

Ditton Church of England Primary School
Ditton Church of England Junior School