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This term we have been studying the visual text Alma. The children have been using the visual text to write their own narratives to the story involving flashbacks, creating newspaper reports on the missing girl as well as writing their own sequels to the story. Throughout their writing, the children have been trying to use techniques such as personification, pathetic fallacy and strong emotive language. Below are some examples of their work:

LQ: Can I write a narrative involving flashbacks?

“Anxious, my dusty glass eyes drifted around the dull and grey room, full of captured souls of boys and girls who were lured here … like me. What had happened? Why am I here? Why is no one else about? I feel my breath getting stronger, my heart pumping quicker and quicker.”

“Curiously, I had skipped over to the shop door. Heaving, tugging and rattling the door with so much effort made my arms tired so I had frustratingly stormed off. Mysteriously, as soon as I started down the snowy street the door creaked open slightly, like it was inviting me in. I couldn’t resist. Could I?”

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