NED Mindset

Today (19.6.19) a representative from NED Mindset came to present to the children how positive thinking can affect their way of life. Angela (from NED Mindset) told the children a story about a child called Ned, Ned faced lots of different challenges throughout the story but was able to overcome these with the power of ‘yet, courage and grow’. Angela used different yo-yo tricks and magic in the story which amazed the children!

Remember the message from NED –
N= never give up
E= encourage others
D= do your best!

Yo-yo’s will be on sale afterschool from Wednesday 19th June – Tuesday 25th June, prices start from £5.

GB Athlete

Today (14.2.19) we were joined by Brandon Mingeli a 100m GB sprinter. He spoke to the children about his athletic career, his background and what motivates him to keep training.

He has a race time of 10.58 which ranks him 2nd fastest in the UK.


GB Athlete Visit!

We have a very important guest visiting the children on Thursday 14th February to deliver an assembly to the whole school and some workshops to classes individually. Prior to the event the children will take part in a sponsored walk, jog or run around the playground, each class will be given 20 minutes in order to see how many laps they can complete. Every child recieved a sponsorship form and they have been ask to collect some sponsors for this event. The money that the children raise will go towards supporting the GB athlete that visits us and will go towards buying new equipment for the school. I am very excited to welcome our guest in a few weeks and I hope the children will have a very inspiring day! Thank you for your support – Miss Baker

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