GB Athlete Visit!

We have a very important guest visiting the children on Thursday 14th February to deliver an assembly to the whole school and some workshops to classes individually. Prior to the event the children will take part in a sponsored walk, jog or run around the playground, each class will be given 20 minutes in order to see how many laps they can complete. Every child recieved a sponsorship form and they have been ask to collect some sponsors for this event. The money that the children raise will go towards supporting the GB athlete that visits us and will go towards buying new equipment for the school. I am very excited to welcome our guest in a few weeks and I hope the children will have a very inspiring day! Thank you for your support РMiss Baker


This term in maths, we are looking at money and how we can make totals in more than one way. We’ve begun learning how to add and subtract prices and soon will be looking at giving change.

English – Term 3

This term in year 3, we are linking our English lessons to our theme of Resilience. We have been reading a book called Six Dots, which is all about the life of Louis Braille. He was a young, blind French boy who worked tirelessly and relentlessly to invent the Braille alphabet so that blind people could read books. Even though he faced many challenges, he never gave up and achieved his dream through resilience and determination. The children in year 3 have really enjoyed learning about his life and writing about his resilient characteristics.

Science week

In science week, the children were given the chance to dissect a ‘poo’ to work out which period of time it came from. Using their investigative skills, they were able to identify the different foods the person had eaten and match it to the diet of somebody from the Stone Age. It was lots of fun!




Here are a few pictures from some of our trips and reward afternoons!

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