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Our Leading Lights met with Mr Terranova to find out more about our Reverend

Ross is married to Natalie. He became Rector of Ditton in 1994 having previously worked in Churches in Guildford and Carlisle. He particularly enjoys the challenge of relating the message of the Bible to the world we live in today.

Ross loves food – especially Italian and enjoys red wine, mainly Australian. He enjoys the occasional trip to the theatre and cinema and loves sport particularly cricket and tennis.
Favourite TV: Star Trek (the original series) West Wing, The Wire and most Scandinavian crime dramas.

Reverend Terranova has been working at St Peters Church in New Road, Ditton for over 25 years, so the Leading lights thought it was time they caught up with him and asked him a few questions about why he loves his job so much!!

LL: If you hadn’t become a rector what other jobs would you like to have done?

RT: I would like to have been a Probation officer or a secondary school teacher.

LL: Have you worked in other churches?

RT: I have also worked in churches in Guildford and Scotland

LL: Do you enjoy your Job?

RT: Yes I enjoy my job as I encourage people to follow Jesus Christ, and teach them about the Bible. I also think it’s important to support and help people in their daily lives.

LL: Do you enjoy it when Ditton Junior School visit the church?

RT: Yes, as I think it is very important to have young people come to the church, we also run a baby worship to encourage all ages to visit Gods house.

Ditton Church of England Primary School
Ditton Church of England Junior School