SATs Week

As you all know, next week is SATs week for all year 6 students. We have been very busy practising and preparing for these important end of key stage assessments.

The test week begins on Monday 14th May with the two-part Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar test, followed by the Reading test on Tuesday morning, and the 3 Maths papers (Arithmetic, Reasoning A, Reasoning B) spread over Wednesday and Thursday mornings.

To give students the best possible start to their days next week, we are offering a free breakfast in the hall for all year 6 students. Please see the letter brought home this week for more information.


Sports Day

Sports day is on 15th June 2018 at 1pm.

Children are to wear their P.E. kit with a house colour t-shirt for the event but will change back in to uniform to walk home.

Refreshments will be served at a minimal cost for all spectators by the PTA.


This afternoon 4RT have enjoyed their 100 square reward by watching a film and eating popcorn. This reward is for all children in the class working together and taking responsibility for their learning.

Diocese Test Post 2

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Diocese Test Post 01

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