Year three had a lovely time making salt dough!

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NED Mindset

Today (19.6.19) a representative from NED Mindset came to present to the children how positive thinking can affect their way of life. Angela (from NED Mindset) told the children a story about a child called Ned, Ned faced lots of different challenges throughout the story but was able to overcome these with the power of ‘yet, courage and grow’. Angela used different yo-yo tricks and magic in the story which amazed the children!

Remember the message from NED –
N= never give up
E= encourage others
D= do your best!

Yo-yo’s will be on sale afterschool from Wednesday 19th June – Tuesday 25th June, prices start from £5.

GB Athlete

Today (14.2.19) we were joined by Brandon Mingeli a 100m GB sprinter. He spoke to the children about his athletic career, his background and what motivates him to keep training.

He has a race time of 10.58 which ranks him 2nd fastest in the UK.


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