This term in maths, we are looking at money and how we can make totals in more than one way. We’ve began learning how to add and subtract prices and soon will be looking at giving change.

Science week

In science week, the children were given the chance to dissect a ‘poo’ to work out which period of time it came from. Using their investigative skills, they were able to identify the different foods the person had eaten and match it to the diet of somebody from the Stone Age. It was lots of fun!




Here are a few pictures from some of our trips and reward afternoons!

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This term we have been looking at enrichment and what enriches the children’s lives. We have identified what makes a good friend and times where we have portrayed this. We also discussed what we would look for if we went shopping for a new friend. This has bought out some interesting discussion points and made the children think about themselves as a friend and role model to the younger children.

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